The Journey Begins

Step One

I QUIT my job at a multinational corporation as a Terrestrial Ecologist and decided to live my dream of a walking odyssey from Barrie, Ontario to Anchorage, Alaska for an x number of years.

My objective and new job will be to document all aspects of this walking odyssey from Barrie, Ontario to Anchorage, Alaska.

Please find all of my posts in the ‘Blog’ menu item.

Why Barrie and Why Anchorage?

There are just too many reasons to list why someone embarks upon a thru-hike or transcontinental walk.  In time, I will discover the true reason for doing this walking odyssey, and it will be a fun challenge!































will be a fun challenge — I hope.

6 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

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  1. lol… I came to check out your blog as you had left a comment on mine.. and here is the funny thing. I was born and raised in Barrie, Ontario. How weird is that!! I look forward to following your feet. Take care!

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  2. Hi Matthew, I wet you on the trans Canada Hwy and have a picture I would like to send to you, standing beside the Beaver appreciation wagon. Cheers Ted


    1. Hey Ted, I remember the Castor canadense wagon! Those pictures you took would be much appreciated. Please send to
      Continue to fight and save that beautiful wetland (Marsh). Wetlands are being destroyed at such an alarming rate across Canada, North America, the Planet. These seasonally and permanently wet and dry areas are not just part of ‘nature’, but provide invaluable ecosystem services, some of which cannot be replaced by engineering means. If you don’t fight, no one will!


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