The existence of unknown and confounding variables in life, as with this walk, will always be present.  Regardless, these variables are important and fundamental in getting to that final solution: finishing.  Moreover, it would be foolish for me to think that I could account for all potential variables and scenarios during the walk, and doubly foolish to have a strategy to mitigate against it all.  Instead of viewing these variables as confounding variables, I will call these fun variables and deal with them accordingly.  Anyways, this walking odyssey and story would be boring and trivial if all was known and accounted for.

Moreover, due to the peculiar nature of of the Trans Canada Trail, specifically the discontinuity of this cross country trail system; vehicle traffic for some parts of the trail will be quite heavy and bothersome.  Since there is no way around this fact, my number one priority will be safety and situational awareness while walking on these sections.  There is great difficulty in knowing the long-term impact of these variables on my body and mind, but in the end, I must find a place to divide the pain.

The overall timeline and distance I will take in my inaugural year is but my only secret.  The following is a list of some fundamental components of my logistical plan:


  • GPS with detailed base maps and tracks
  • Compass
  • Phone

Eating and Sleeping

  • Re-hydrating food and sleeping at the most reasonable and sanctioned locations along the Trans Canada Trail.


  • Re-supply boxes filled with dehydrated food and other necessities will be shipped to me along my route using the Canada Post FlexDelivery service.  The resupply boxes weigh approximately 13.8 lb to 15 lb, which will contain enough food for 10 days (1.38 to 1.5 lbs/day).


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