Step 2.  Everything Must Go … Well Almost Everything

After all the posting, re-posting, and waiting around for all those no show Kijiji buyers, the majority of my worldly possessions have gone to a new home and what is left will be put in storage.

Now that most everything has been sold or in a tote, this old place is now empty and foreign, however, with it comes the giddy excitement of the unknown road ahead.  Although I cared little about the vast majority of the objects I owned and all can be bought again — if I ever find a job after all this is complete; it is difficult and a little scary let go of the past and move forward along a less defined path.  I don’t know, maybe it was the memories associated with the almost annual lugging around of that Ikea couch to a new place, or maybe it was the many hours I spent laid out napping on it after a big run or a marathon long day of ice climbing.  Nonetheless, it is gone forever.

Change is hard, change lets the unknown creep in, indeed, but change always brings new insight.  The ownership of furniture, knick-knacks, but they are all burdensome when you have no place to live.  I can live without them.  In the foreseeable future, I do not want to be moving furniture around or storing it for hundreds of dollars while I am away on this walk of mine.  So, in the last few months I have shrunk everything down into 11 plastic totes, two suitcases, and my cart.  The totes will be stored in Calgary without burden or cost thanks to my girlfriend’s father … thank you Perry et al. for the help.

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