Step 2.  Everything Must Go … Well Almost Everything

After all the posting, re-posting, and waiting around for all those no show Kijiji buyers, the majority of my worldly possessions have gone to a new home.

The old place is now empty and foreign, but with it comes the giddy excitement of the unknown road ahead.  I cared little about the vast majority of the objects I had owned, since it can all be bought again; however, it was strangely difficult to let go.  Maybe it was the memories associated with the almost annual lugging around of that Ikea couch to a new place, or maybe it was the many hours I spent napping on it after a big run or a long climbing day.

A change is always difficult, but it all has to go and the ownership of furniture and knick knacks is a burden I can live without.  In the foreseeable future, I do not want to get into the habit of moving furniture around, or storing it for hundreds of dollars while I am away.  In the end, I shrunk everything down into 11 plastic totes, two suitcases and my cart.  The totes will be stored in Calgary without burden or cost thanks to my girlfriend’s father … thank you Perry et al. for the help.

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