The Odyssey Begins

I finally set off to start my walk from Sam Cancilla Park today.  I forgot about the silent beauty of the mornings by Kempenfelt Bay, especially the sounds and smells of an Ontario lake or bay. The weather was ideal, but it was already getting warm by 7 am.  As I unloaded my cart, and hugged my mom — leave me alone, ok, I was off. My dad had work and a Dr’s appointment, so get off his case about that too! We already said our goodbyes and good luck.  I would like to keep these posts short if possible, especially after trying days, but concise writing is my weakness.

Today’s post is gonna be easy, since all I did was walk 30.2 km in 32 degrees celsius temperatures, which I think is a great opening day; however, I must slow down — my pace was anywhere between 8.6 to 5.6 km/h as reported by my inReach.  The cart did all the hard work really, but this is way to fast for a first day.  I am very thankful for no sweaty backs and/or sore knees!

The novelty of the first day was great, and I will keep this memory with me forever. I will soak up the ease of the first day(s), since hard days are on the horizon.  Overall, the organization of gear in the cart is shameful, but I have the summer to figure it out.  As I sit in my tent, adjacent to the TCT trail and a farmers field south of Elmvale, ON, the black flies are swarming, but they are giving me a free day to relax before they start screaming out of the sky at me.

5 thoughts on “The Odyssey Begins

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  1. Matt,
    You are awesome!
    Double check the map route on the blog actually ends up in Anchorage.
    So we are climbing Denali after you are done?
    All the best,


  2. Great first day Matt. Will be watching your Odyssey closely. Good luck and safe journey. Enjoy the adventure.
    Uncle David


  3. Matt,
    A cheery thought from ‘Dad’. “The first 120km are easy. Its the remaining 12,000 that will make your gronachs turn blue!”
    Keep the updates comin’!


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