A Two Oasis Day

My first night sleeping in a tent is always restless at first, but I quickly sucumb to my circadian rythms and slept soundly — except for that late night/early morning nature call, which spoils such a sound sleep.  Regardless, the black bears, eastern cougars, wolves, or axe murders wandering the trails never found me; however, a fairly viscous looking wild turkey poked around my tent though.

Today was a day of existing in the moment while listening to a pod cast and music.  To my absolute surprise, an oasis of picnic tables and a roofed shelter with a power outlet appeared as I arrived in Elmvale, ON!  The sun was burning my senesitive ginger skin, and I am always in of electricity to charge my phone (thankful for the TurboCharger phone).  

I sat around the shelter stretching, then fashioned an extension on my sun hat, and ate some snacks and lunch (Vegetable Ravioli and Alfredo sauce).  Saw some fellow walkers, gave my salutations, and off I went.  

As I was approaching Midland, ON another oasis appeared before my eyes, but this time it was a shelter I can sleep in, which is great because Environment Canada is calling for sever thunderstorm activity in the area tonight.  Eventhough the shelter is 5km from my planned stop for the day, and I am wanting to get in some big mileage days, this spot will help to temper my enthusiasm for walking. I must keep remembering to start slow to avoid injury.  Overtime, the big mileage days will come.

One of the many wetlands (swamp) I pass in the region.

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