Walked First 100 km

The walking is the easy part, one foot at a time, but finding a place to camp for the night is not so easy.  I have been lucky to find a spot on day one and two, but last night and tonight haven’t been easy.  I don’t really want to camp near a trash can, and I don’t want to camp near a major highway.  I am not asking for a Provincial or Parks Canada caliber site, but I do require somewhere safe and reasonably quiet to rest — I can hear a highway nearby as I write this, but I needed to stop.  I will be thankful for earplugs tonight.

Although I could probably do a 40 km day; however, I want to ease into the mileage slowly.  Moreover, sometimes the trail travels the perimeter of a lake around these here parts, so there is definitely no camping locations in the middle of a city or town if I am entering the city limits at 35 km or so.  For example: today’s location is within a few km of the next town, Orillia, but I have already done 32 km, which is at my self imposed mileage limit and need to stop.

Regardless of my whining, everything is going as planned so far, and realized that I really like podcasts on writing, self help, and interviews of some amazing individuals.  There is one podcast I downloaded before I left; Rich Roll, which had some interesting guest interviews with a range of some very different, but interesting people.  I am amazed how time and distance passes when listenting to podcasts and music.  In the future, I will be doing the audio books thing.

In closing, I am in awe of walking 119.2 km in just 4 days.  It is profound how small steps can travel great distances.

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