Walked First 100 km

Walking is the easy part: one foot at a time.  However, finding a place to camp for the night is not as easy.  I have been lucky to find a spot on day one and two, but last night and tonight hasn’t been easy.  I don’t really want to camp near a trash can and I don’t want to camp near a major highway; I am not asking for a Provincial or Parks Canada caliber site, but I do require somewhere safe and reasonably quiet to rest — I can hear a highway nearby as I write this but I needed to stop.  Anyways, my earplugs will be useful tonight.

Although I could probably do a 40 km day; however, I want to ease into the mileage slowly.  Sometimes the trail travels around the perimeter of a lake, then ending in a city or town and no place to camp.  Where does one stop if in the middle of a city after 35 km walked?  Today is a great example of the difficulty in finding a place to setup my tent away from prying eyes; there is only a few km the next town, Orillia, but I have already walked 32 km — a self imposed mileage limit for today.

Regardless of my whining, everything is going as planned, and I found out that I really like podcasts on writers, self help, and interviews of some amazing individuals.  There’s a podcast by some guy named Rick Roll that I downloaded before I left, and he has some interesting guest interviews on his podcast.  I am amazed how time and distance passes while listening to podcasts and music.  In the future, I will be doing the audio books thing.

In closing, I am in awe of walking 119.2 km in just 4 days.  It is profound how small steps can travel great distances.

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