Almost in Bracebridge

Hi there, and sorry for the paucity in my update.  Still on the trail hunting down kilometers and experiencing the landscape I walk upon.  Currently, I am 17 km and some decimal places from Bracebridge, ON, the location of my first box of food for pickup.  Fortunately, I have lots of food left, so I will have a big breakfast and lunch; however, I have yet to experience the extreme hunger I have been told about from other thru hikers.

So far, the total distance walked is 170 km, but I am starting to realize that the km’s are a small part of this walking odyssey.  For example, the km’s mean nothing to the lady outside of Copper’s Falls, ON who came out of her house to give me some food and water as I sat on my cart to take a phone call; she caught me off guard with her well wishes, which was so nice and meant the world to me, especially after yesterday’s cold rain, confusion and breakdown — thank you!  The ginger ale she handed me — Canada Dry of course, was unspeakably good.  The fig and granola bar she gave to me was quickly unwrapped, and I made sure no one saw the ravenous and almost primal like eating ritual that was on display at the side of the road!  There are many good people in this world and she is proof!

I can’t wait to have a rest day in Bracebridge though.

Below was taken as I walked out of Washago towards Cooper’s Falls.

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