Bruised, Bitten, and Blistered

After the Gravenhurst and Bracebridge Trans Canada Trail sections, I am now in a motel in Bracebridge eating, mending, and waiting.  My feet are starting to show some wear and tear from being waterlogged. I have some small blisters from waterlogged feet and the inability to address hot spots. I want to ensure my blisters are well taken care of before I set out again, so I wait.  These last two sections have been the most difficult to date, primarily due to differences in the terrain; a larger area of full wetlands, and the extreme rutting of locations along the trail at ephemeral water locations.

The landscape abruptly changes from an undulating, agricultural landscape to a rolling landscape surface from Copper’s Falls to Bracebridge; however, I was still able to make similar > 30 km distances in a day, but with a little more effort.  I learned that transforming the cart into a backpack in more rolling landscapes is easier and less painful (psyhcological & physical) than a cart.  The sudden twisting of the cart onto my left leg at the begining of the Copper’s Falls section was quite painful, which resulted in two large bruises on my leg, but don’t worry, the cart is ok!  The cart is still the best option, since there are still large tracts of less rolling landscapes ahead.

I retract my statement that the mosiquitoes and blackflies were kind.  After looking in the mirror yesterday — the first time since I left Barrie, my face, neck, and back of ears reveals a story of vengence.  My cavalier attitude regarding insect management must now change, so I consider this a warning from the forest.  After some reflection, I guess the stares from the motel clerk and others I met along the way was due to my rugged appeareance, and not the cart and hat I have jury rigged with a camp towel and safety pins!

Below is a picture of my almost dry shoes and socks. Too bad this was after the blisters already formed, but this probably saved my feet from any further blustery blisters!  I have a trick up my sleeve for next time.

It might not seem like it, but it was still great fun 😎

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