Wet Feet/Dry Feet

Date: May 26, 2017

I am a little behind with posting my updates, but I assure you things are as good as ever. Today’s walk has brought me just 10 km outside of Huntsville.  After this recent episode of foot blisters, I have become more aware of hotspots on my feet and the importance of addressing them before they get out of hand.

Being confined to a motel room in Bracebridge was comforting at first, but after two days of resting and first-aid I needed to start walking again.  Thankfully, my feet are on the mend and on their way to being healthy and infection free.

After picking up my first food drop in Bracebridge, I picked up a pair of Crocs as a second pair of footwear for crossing the wetlands and the water filled furrows in and along the trail.  For the most part, this method works well, but you have to be wearing the Crocs for it to be effective —  I slipped into a large pond after trying to travers it the other day.  Fortunately, I had the Crocs to wear. So, after crossing the wet areas on the trail, I stopped, dried my feet, and put the Crocs on with a dry pair of socks.

Although it sprinkled with rain all day, my feet remained dry; however, I wore the Crocs for longer than I was supposed to, and I now feel some strain within the anterior muscle compartment of my shin — maybe shin splints. Nonetheless, I had no choice, my shoes were soaked and my blisters were too raw for me to not use the Croc and dry sock method.

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