No One Said This Would Be Easy!

May 29/30, 2017

So far the walk has gone as smoothly as can be expected, but I am amazed how quickly these past few days have changed.  The stories and experiences are just starting to be uncovered with every corner I turn, and every person I meet along the way.  Unfortunately, I must now stop temporarily to deal with the smallest muscle/tendon issue, an anterior shin splint — I think.  I  will soon get back into walking shape again.

Although I know this is a common issue among runners, however, this was never an issue for me in the past while running, hiking, or scrambling.  After some reflection, I am certain it has to do with the wearing of Crocs on the road until my trail runners were dry.  This was a mistake that I must now pay for with time.

Thankfully I have caught this issue early, and I am hopeful the prognosis will be favorable.   If I stubbornly continued to walk, this whole incident would haunt me for months, or worse, potentially take me off the trail for a considerable amount of time.  I am trying to stay positive, and will view this as a learning experience.  It was a tough decisions to make, and even harder to digest because this was due to a poor decision on my part.

As with all other injuries and difficulties that have been thrown at me in the past, I will address this immediately, and find a solution that will get me back to walking strong again.

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