On the Trail Again

My leg is feeling fine, and I am back on the trail again; however, I am taking it slow for a short period of time.  It is hard to not want to push it, and to make up for lost time and km’s.  Anyways, this will give me an excuse to breath in my suroundings, and loaf around with the black flies and mosquitoes I misssed dearly.

Today was a 20 km day from where I left off last week (Sprucedale).  I am now in Seguin Falls.  I walked through and around many sizesable ponds and peatlands. The highlight was walking ontop of a flotilla of peat in a fen — remember to never have cell phone in pants pocket when doing that, since it is quite common to puncture the top and fall into the deep water underneath!  I was spared.  It is actually quite dangerous when I think about it, so that will be the last time I do that again.

I find it very hard to leave the trail and come back.  Being comfortable is addicting, and I need to get used to being in a different comfort zone, and begin to settle into a routine when out here.  Today’s weather helped –mid 20 degree celsius and full sun, but it still doesn’t  seem routine.  I am hopeful that I can stay injury free and continue walking uninterrupted until the planned visit with Portia and the parents in late June.

I am begining to find out that schedules and plans change as quickly as they are made out here, nothing seems very certain. My plans to be further ahead are shot, but I now realize that this is part of the journey.    

A large, but typical pond along the trail.  You can either walk around, or threw it.  They are usually found adjacent to a wetland (above).

As I was writing this, two teens on dirt bikes tried to pull down my food stash hanging in a tree, however, I ran down the road after hearing them stop to make sure they didn’t mess with my hanging food bag.  Unfortunately, they were already pulling at the line hanging down from the bag, which got the food bag snagged on the tree trunk, and put a small rip in it. Inquiring minds.  After shouting at them to stop messing with it, then talking with them about what I was doing and the contents, they apoligized and climbed the tree to unsnag it.  All is good, and I can now post this and go to bed.  
I am tired.  

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