Just Another Day Walking …

The mosquitoes and black flies are now getting out of hand.  When I woke up this morning the mosquitoes were bad, but nothing my bug jacket, shell, and DEET couldn’t mitigate against.  The swarms came at me early; just 10 min down the road.  Since I am wearing mesh trail shoes, they huddle around the edge of the shoes exacting their revenge on my feet.  My only option for 3 or so hours today was to stop very briefly for water, and to keep all my snacks in my pants pocket for quick acccess.

Today went well, and was able to walk 34.4 km with no aches, pain, or swelling of the leg.  Maybe I shouldn’t of walked so far, but 30 km snuck up on me.

The title picture/sketch was taken in Magnetawan.  This is a small populated centre of 1400 or so people; bisected by the Magnetawan river. I tried to stop, and ask the municipality if I could setup camp at an out of the way location (a small spot at a Trans Canada Trail pavillion), but the farmers market was tomorrow, and they would be setting up early, which is understable.  However, a small piece of Crown Land was located 500 m further down the trail.

I am beginning to understand when my body signals me to eat and drink.  The primary signal is that I start to get irritable, and my thoughts begin to focus on the insects and all the uncomfortable parts of the walk.  I happened to pass by a small general store along the way (picture below), where I ordered a coffee and buttertart, which was first rate.  After finishing, my mood changed and off I went with a bounce in my step!

The walk can sometimes be boring at times, but as soon as the doldrums arrive, something interesting catches my eye along the trail.

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