A Family Visit and Realization

This is a brief post on where I have stopped for a brief visit with my cousin Tania and her family.  I will start walking again tomorrow morning towards Sudbury and Espanola.  I have also sprinkled in some personal insight into what I have noticed while walking from Magnetewan to Callander.

Since my last post, I have walked from Magnetewan to Callander, which is located just outside of North Bay (picture below).  Callander is nestled on the shore of Callander Bay, a rounded inclusion of water in SE Lake Nipising.  This town, like so many northern Ontario towns that dot the shorelines of Canada’s Great Lakes, has magnificient blue freshwater backdrop.  The smell of these freshwater giants is calming, much like the hot, dusty pine filled air of the Rocky Mountains in Western Canada.  The sights and smells quietly push me back to the memories of sailing vacations of my childhood.

The walk from Magnetewan to here has been somewhat of a trying time, but the struggles I am having now will enable me to grow into the person that can do this walk in the future.  My primary struggle is not the act of walking, but my connection with the natural world.  The last decade or more was about me understanding the natural world from a numerical, chemical, and biological perscpective.  My recreational passions always involved being in nature to attain something from it: summitting a peak; climbing an ice or rock face; running in the mountains or desert to test how far I can go without breaking physically or psychologically.

Although my past outdoor experience was valuable in preparing me for this walk, it is not the same experience.  This walk is about me living with the natural world, not conquering and controlling it.  I know it sounds very spiritual and unconventional; however, I believe this realization to be helpful in the future.  I never looked at myself as being a spiritual person, but this walk now causes me to srcratch my head and pause.  This eureka moment does not dissapoint me, nor will it cause me to waiver from my original purpose and goal, it is just an incredibly interesting progession.

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