I’m Gonna Run For Your Life

As I was just leaving the city limits of North Bay, I saw an RV parked on the Trans Canada Highway with some fancy graphics of someone running.  I was interested in what this graphic was all about, since it was in french, so I stopped to take a picture.  When I saw the driver in the window, I waved and asked if he was running across Canada: they were.  Before I knew it, we were swaping stories about each others projects, and he mentioned that I should join them to run for a few days.  Although I am walking, we are both travelling the same route along the Trans Canada Trail, so a few days of running  along my route seems like a great idea.

Michael and Jean-Christophe started the run across Canada from St Johns, Newfoundland on March 11, 2017 to encourage people across Canada to be active in life (Cours pour ta vie — Run For Your Life). We are all aware of the many associated health benefits of an active lifestyle, so please visit their webiste for more information: http://www.courspourtavie.ca.

This will be a great way to help out an interesting project, change up my routine for a short period of time, meet some new people, and cover the km’s I need to cover.

What a great experience and story this will be!

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