When I was in North Bay

My stay in North Bay for a few days was for two reasons: to visit my cousin, and to determine if I was exposed to the poison ivy I spotted near my tent the day before I arrived in Callander.  In my head, I was imagining a full body reaction, especially in the nether regions and face.  I didn’t want to spend a week or two being layed up dealing with this most terrible of afflication.  Thankfully, no reaction occured, but it was hard to determine among all the black fly and mosquito bites I had sustained in the last few days.

The visit with my cousin and her family in North Bay was great to say the least.  There is nothing better in life than being hosted by family.  Tania is my oldest cousin — sorry Tania.  For a long period of time I was the baby of the family, and was told by her that I was the cutest little kid, especially when I had those bright orange curls of hair.  She also mentioned the temper and tantrums I was blessed with when I was younger — maybe I haven’t really changed?

Now in North Bay, I was able to switch out some of my gear, and pickup some odd items.  These items included, but not limited to: an air mattress that now leaks; an inefficient water filer; a lost sock, and a broken hiking pole.  I bought all replacement items at Lefebvres Source for Adventure in North Bay, and I am thankful for the discounts they gave me, but even better, my cousin Tania paid for my new water filter unit (MSR TrailShot)!  Such kindness.

The tour of North Bay by my cousin was wonderful, and saw some beautiful parts of the city and Lake Nipissing.  As Tania and I walked along the beach, we chatted about life and all its anomolies.  When I broke off to walk along the water alone, I decided to smell the lake water in my cupped hands, which was such a magical experience for a brief period of time, particularily that markedly clean smell that a northern Ontario lake affords all that enter it.  Maybe I am being dramatic, but I felt at such peace those few hours with Tania and Lake Nipissing.

During my stay I also ate at some wonderful restaurants, such as Ivan’s (delicious poutine) and Burger World — not just burgers, and slept with such ease.

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