Running with Cours Pour Ta Vie

Today was a great day of running with Jean Christophe (JC) and myself each running our 30 km quota along the Trans Canada Highway.  Michael supported us by shuttling us to our starting points, dropped water for me at 15 km, and picked us both up at the end of our section.

It felt good to run again, and to have someone in the wings to help you if needed provides a feeling of comfort.  After the run, we drove to the nights ‘camp site’ (below).  After arriving, we have a quick snack, stretch, do little cleanup of the RV, and relax for an 1hr or so.

The highlight of the day, aside from playing the Harry Potter board game in Tim Hortons (below), is making dinner.  Tonight is Cannelloni stuffed with cottage cheese, parmesan, spinach, fresh basil, and eggplant (below).  It is hard to smell the goodness that surrounds the RV when you are hungry, especially when you take it out and have to wait for it to cool!


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