Bon Voyage Cours Pour Ta Vie

My time running with Cours Pour Ta Vie has ended, where I was dropped off in a rain storm on the Trans Canada Hwy by Micheal and JC — no hard feelings!  I will miss the RV, comfy bed, and playing Harry Potter in Tim Hortons to the amazement of people that like to visit Tim Hortons at night.  The many positive interactions we had with fellow patrons when asked what we were all doing will be one of the greatest losses of all.  The expression of almost shock when we told them how all of us met, and what each of our projects were was great to witness.  The expressions ranged from disbelief to surprise.

I wish Michael and JC only the best in what lays ahead for them in NW Ontario and beyond.  Indeed, they will have many more great stories in the days and months ahead.  Maybe, just maybe our paths will cross again.

During the day it rained for a small portion of the day, then cleared up to a pretty decent day, which caused me to cease the day and make it a 40 km day.  Long story, but I heard about a roadside picnic and camp area west of Hagar from a motel owner, so I wanted to see what this was site was all about.  It was an ardurously long day, but little time was spent finding a camp and setting iup.  It is nice to not have to hang food from a tree, since you can use the bear proof garabage cans to store scented items by opening the back of the garbage can.  Also, having a toilet and picni table to sit at is a nice luxury to have (below).  Oh how my definition of ‘luxury’ is changing.

I am beginning to feel fine covering over 30 km a day, but it leaves little time to sit and relax, and you really only have time to setup camp and sleep.  I am not sure if I am really ready for many 40 km days of road walking in the future, but I am still realitively new to this game.

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