Sudbury to Whitefish

After the whirlwind day of kindness in Sudbury, I found a nice flat place to setup camp just outside the City of Sudbury.  Sometimes, my camping locations are not exactly deep in the woods, and at times, ease of access after walking all day trumps everything.  This time, site conditions were ideal, and a good pair of earplugs were the drivers of my site that night!

Luckily I setup camp, and easily found a perfect poplar tree to hang my scented items bag when I did, since the menacing clouds and the wonderful rains that follow them were revealed shortly after making my bed for the night.

After all my morning routines, I wandered a few hundred meters to eat breakfast just off the roadway, where a passing motorist stopped and treated me to some biscuits, two bottles of water, and good conversation.  I continue to me amazed with the willingness of others to give me food and water, and how it continues to put a big smile on my face for many hours while I walk.  Having access to food during my walk is such a privelage.

The scenery was beautiful, with a stop just outside Naughton, ON at Simon Lake for a late lunch (below)

I ended up stopping for the day at an elementary school/park in Whitefish.  Nothing really eventful during the day, except access to a port-a-potty and picnic table!

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