A House and a Lodge Along the Spanish River

Travelling along the sideroads and roadways can be tedious if you expect excitement and wonder at every length and bend of the road.  Interestingly, I am just begining to see the beauty that flashes across the landscape; the synergy of human and natural elements, which paints a unique portrait of a life foreign to me.  Although each resident owns the plot of land they have built their home on, but on the landscape scale, they are co-owners and part of the unique fingerprint that separates each settlement that I have traversed.

While I walk past these seemingly forgotten houses on the ungroomed land they sit upon, I wonder about the history and people that currently, or previously inhabited these locations.  Where did the owners go, and are these houses still being used?  What is the history of each house (below), and what dreams and future aspirations did these residents have for the land they might of cleared?  So many questions, and for the first time, Google can’t help me untangle these mysteries.

After some wandering along the sideroads during the bleak, drizzled morning and sunny afternoon, I wave to a few passerbys.  They make up the breadth of life on the roads as I walk: lone drivers in transport trucks, full work trucks, retirees, and local residents.  I talk to a retired Vale-Inco worker that pulled over to talk with me as I began to enter the more densely populated portion of Nairn Centre, a small settlement along the Spanish River.

After cresting a hill, and begin to enter the community of Nairn Centre, I met a lady getting a quick bike ride in — I later find out that it is Beth Mairs, the Sudbury provincial NDP nominee.  I began to tell her about walk, and she kindly offered me a bed at one of  her lodges if I wanted to back track a few kilometers up the hill.  I accepted her offer, but I continued to walk to Nairn Centre, and have a quick bite at the local restaurant along the Trans Canada highway (Jeremy’s).

The lodge at Beth’s was very nice, and is situated on the shore of the Spanish River (below).  The bedroom walls, as you can see, is steeped with memories and tokens from other travellers that used the lodge during a female only outdoor expedition company trip (Wild Women Expeditions) (below).  A few minutes later I sat on the porch behind the lodge and relaxed with a tea, which was rudely interupted by more rain.  Once again, I avoided a downpour.

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