A Break with Girlfriend and Parents in NW Ontario

I have been tardy with my posts these past few weeks, and with all the set backs I have witnessed: blister, lower leg injury, broken equipment, package delays, misc. issues; the schedule I orginally dreamed of is but an object in the rearview mirror of life.  I predicted that I would be somewhere between Sault St. Marie and Wawa, ON; however, I am just outside of Espanola, ON — my crystal ball was wrong. 

As I was making plans for this walk months ago, I thought it would be nice to celebrate my birthday on June 28 with my parents and girlfriend Portia at a cottage outside of Thunder Bay, since I would be close to Thunder Bay by that time.  The plan was still solid, except the part on where I would be; however, the most important parts of this plan were were still in place. My parents picked me up on their way to the cottage; Portia few into Thunder Bay; we all relaxed, ate very well, and saw the magnificient, larger than life sights of Superior’s north shore for 1 week.

The cottage was located along the shore of Lake Superior — Wild Goose Bay (Below).  The cottage was the quientessential comfortably cozy two room cottage, with a modestly furnished cabin a few meters away.  The cabin in back was where Portia and I slept; simply outfitted with a comfy bed and small T.V.  Four walls, a roof, and bed is the new standard of luxury for me.  

Regardless of the delays I have encountered, a week or so off to enjoy my 36th birthday with my greatest love, Portia, and amazing parents was well worth taking.  

The view of that rock and tree behemith of an island across from the cottage, a headless version of the Sleeping Giant, was day dream worthy (Below). 

Eventhough we never caught anything, and those rocky thieves that line the areas near the shore of Lake Superior stole three nice lures from my line, I was still able to enjoy the tranquil surroundings that envelope one when they fish (Below).  Great picture of dad after my 3rd snag!  The scene is perfect.

The weather at the cottage was not all sunshine, humidity, and that magnificient tinted glare produced by the combined forces of the sun and a large body of water, but was mostly highlighted by grey clouds and rain showers produced by those menacing clouds that I feel are starting to enjoy my company.  

Rain is fine, since it breaks the humidity and allows me to explore other venues: a museum.  Portia and I packed the day with an exciting trip to the laundry mat to wash my very dirty clothing and sleeping bag.  We ate the signature Thunder Bay pastry — a Persian, which is that legendary fried cinnamon sweet roll frosted with a pink berry-flavoured icing from The Persina Man bakery.  To end the day, we visited the Thunder Bay Historical Museum at only $3/per person.  This museum is not large, but is rightly filled with a variety of exhibits that showcases the rich indigenous, nautical, forestry, and settlement history of Thunder Bay  (amalgamation of Port Arthur and Fort William) and surrounding area (Below). 

As Portia picked and poked at the thousands of tiny, wave polished gravel pieces along the beach, I stood silently watching her with great wonder.  She is beautifully amuzed, and all consumed with the collection of these small ancient tokens.  I stand erect, and look on with a wondering glare.  My mind is between two places: the static comfortable life I lived with her, and the current wandering, homeless, ever changing filled life on the trail and road.  Security, or a dream?  

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