Before Canada Day

On July 2nd during another gloomy and rainy day in the summer of 2017, Portia and I drove towards the Terry Fox monument on the Terry Fox Highway of Courage.  This drive was a homage of sorts for me, and I later found out that both of us were feeling something when we viewed this monument that day.  Terry Fox is the greatest Canadian in my eyes, and he clearly demonstrated the one characteristic of what being strong is to me: to never give up.  Terry had a dream, and he pursued it against all obstacles.  As I write this, I know of others running across Canada for a cause they are passionate about, and beside each of them, I know two are running.

Interestingly, Terry Fox died on the day I was born — June 28th, 1981, which is an honour.  I do not, and will not delve deeper into this topic, since I believe it is purely coincidence; however, you can draw your own conclusions.  Just so you know, I am not running across Canada, but I was part of a run across Canada (Cours Pour Ta Vie), where I ran one 30 km leg.  I hope to rejoin the guys in the future for the BC sections to Vancouver this year (at the expense of my walk’s schedule).

Below is a plaque at the entrance of the path that leads you to the monument.

It isn’t very clear, but this is part of the Terry Fox monument.

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