Farewell Comfort and Company

Today (July 1) was the end of my time with Portia and my parents.  It was nothing short of good memories, delicious food, and relaxation.  After dropping Portia off at the Thunder Bay airport on July 1st, we said our goodbyes and embraced inside the airport, which was a very difficult task to do; especially that punch-in-the-stomach sensation that seems to linger afterwards.

Two days later (July 3), I was dropped off at the shoe tree where I was picked up from a week or so ago.  The little verbal skirmish beforehand was all forgotten as the truck doors opened, and we all got out.  I think we were all a little choked up to see me off again; however, all good times must come to an end sometime.  It was one very memorable break and birthday of recent memory; it cemented the fact that family is the most important part in life.

At the end of the day I setup camp just outside Massey in a really wet stand by HWY 17, and luckily, I found a relatively dry location to setup my tent.  Not ideal, but I was tired after walking a quick 30 km after the very late start to the day.

While walking along the Trans Canada highway today, I sometimes feel like a lonely soul, which is a common feeling when you decide to tackle something like this.  I am still pretty new to this game, but I realized that all the breaks during my walk (injuries, family visit, poison plant rash scares, and a vacation/visit) reduced the kilometers I put behind me, but they have all been worth it.  Actually, these events have strangely helped form the journey that, when I look back at it, has made many elements in my life clearer.  For one thing, I realized that I am always in a rush to go nowhere.  This walk is not about rushing, but being acquiescent.  This little nugget of insight is still in its infancy, but life is easier out here when you just accept the faults, and not ask for anything more — just that one foot step forward.

Thankfully, the sun is bright and the skies are a large oasis of blue, soi I will get many steps in today.  Settlements will become more distant as I walk west from here, with my goal for this next leg being Sault St. Marie (the Soo).

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