Spanish and Blind River/Iron Bridge

So I looked at my ankles and started seeing red sploches around my ankles and top of foot, so I thought that it was the start of some reaction to either the water + poison ivy I trudged near by my camping location the night before in Massey.

While walking in the afternoon I decided to stop at the Spanish River Inn for the night to wash my sleeping bag et al. in a laundry mat to reduce the spread if I was exposed.

As I walk across northern Ontario the hospitality continues. Ernie at the Spanish River Inn gave me a discount on my room after I told him why I was there, and he drove me to the community center where the laundry mat was.  Moreover, I didn’t have the correct change, so I called him, and he drove back down and gave me $20 of change to use! After all that, he picked me up after all was washed!  This saved me an enormous amount of time, frustration, and walking.

Below are some pictures of the Spanish River Inn, which showed me great hospitality and kindness.  Thanks Ernie!

While he drove me down to the community center, we drove past an old, half demolished building: a Nun’s school, a location where unspeakable events occured to indigenous youth in the not too distant past.  Not going to speak much about it, due to my lack of knowledge; however, I am interested in learning more from a source that isn’t the popular media.

To try and drum up some excitement and suspense about me walking along the roads and odd trail, there is some great news on the horizon.  I am not going to say anything more until I receive more information, but I am very excited about it.

Today was one of those hot and kinda muggy days as I walked towards and out of Blind River.  As I was closing in on 30 km, dark clouds, wind, and some drizzle appeared.  It looked bad, so I ducked into the forest and rehydrated a meal.  After I ate the weather conditions were the same or worse, so I found a place to hang my food/scented items, and found a great location to setup my tent (Below).  After all was done, the skies cleared, and is now beautiful out!

I am not going to fight it, since this will give an opportunity to post this!

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