Lake Superior in Pictures: Part 1

As I walked out of Sault Ste. Marie, ON towards Wawa, ON, I forgot about the rugged, raw beauty I was about to stroll and sleep across from for the next few weeks.  Lake Superior is magnificiently big ocean like body of water encircled with an equally gargantuam rocky shore, with beaches peppred throughout.  The large rock islands and landmasses jutting out into the Lake and many Bay’s frame an ancient Canadian landscape to me (see Old Womans Bay picutres).  The natural beauty that Lake Superior is, is unmatched.

This portion of the walk is one of those instances where you must accept the bad, and be greatful for the glimpses of that big blue water giant that shines out from the cracks in the forest, and the absolute beauty that surrounds you when a bend in the road presents you with a blue horizon, or another larger than life sized landscape.  These moments reinvigorate me, and I am once again thankful for being able to walk amongst these giants.  I will only rant once about that goddamn draft created from those damn transport trucks; the inconsiderate weekend drivers; loud accelerating vehicles — pickup trucks should be banned; close calls on the road; the reflection of the sun, and the radiant heat from the road.  Done.

The following is a collection of some picutres I have taken along the way.  I have driven this portion of the Trans-Canada Highway a few times in the last 10 years, but walking it is different.  Many times I think I am on a different road, or in a different area.  Experiencing the world at 120 km/h versus 4-6.5 km/h is different, naturally.

Above: The shore I slept on during my first night on Superior.

Above: First night camping on beach.

Above: Small beach along the way.

Above: Left my mark on the beach.

Above:  I take a break on the road to air out feet, socks, and shoes.  I am always fighting foot moisture to reduce blister occurance.

Above: Agawa Bay beach sunset.

Above: Agawa Bay during the day.

Above: One of the many rivers that run wild in the area.

Above: A passerby while I walk.

Above: The scenery while walking on a foggy morning.

Above: Old Woman Bay.

Above: Accomodations while in Wawa to pickup food package at postal office, shower, and purchase fuel for stove.

3 thoughts on “Lake Superior in Pictures: Part 1

  1. Hey Matthew!

    We chatted at Old Woman Bay! Just wanted to stop in and say hello/I am following your journey. Loving the blog and pics, very inspirational. Hope you don’t have any more encou ters with annoyed bears lol. Thanks for the chat and enjoy the journey!


    Corey Moylan

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