Thank You Smartwool Canada

The exciting news I mentioned in an earlier post is now able to be shared.  It is with great pleasure to say that Smartwool thinks my project is amazing, and they sent me a care package of some apparel!  Thank you again!

First off, I am already a Smartwool sock user and I have been for many years, so when I say that Smartwool socks are honestly the best socks I have owned, this is not based on the package they sent me.

Above: These socks are my favorite socks, and proof that I wore Smartwool socks before they sent me this package.

Unfortunately, I won’t get to use any of the apparel they sent me until my next drop off, which isn’t for another 8 or 10 days!  However, I promise to give everyone feedback on how great these items perform while I try and break my way into Manitoba!

2 thoughts on “Thank You Smartwool Canada

  1. That’s great Matt!
    As I am sitting here reading this post I am so proud of you for all you have accomplished. 12 years ago today we were told you would never get better, never be you. Well little brother you have always proven to so many not only will you do what they say you can’t but surpass their expectations. I am grateful every day for having you around but today is the one day I reflect that much more. I’m so very proud of you! Keep pushing because that’s what you do best..oh and keep your feet dry! Xoxo

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