Laying About and Being Smelly in Terrace Bay

Due to a combination of my arrival in Terrace Bay and mail delivery services, I have been held up in Terrace Bay since Friday evening; however, this is giving me an opportunity to rest for a few long days after successive 40 km and 45 km days.  Although my stay is longer than expected, I guess it could be worse?

Unfortunately, Terrace Bay has no laundry services, so dirty, stinky clothes it is!  I did get a shower at the community centre for $5, but dirty clothes reinvigorate that feeling of dirtyness.  Oddly, I haven’t been able to find any means of getting my clothes washed, even after explaining my situation to the usual places: a motel, community centre, and a local resident I chatted with outside of a coffee shop — I must smell really bad, but understandable, I guess.

This is the first time I have had to unexpectidly stay somewhere for an extended period of time, so I am gonna relax and let the residents get a good smell of Matthew Meadows, and I get to be the town vegabond for however long this episode lasts!

Relaxing in a coffee shop (The Visitor Room Coffee Shop)

It is hard to find a comfortable spot to sit down for an extended period of time without feeling like you are loitering, but I regretably do it anyways (Above).  I did find a quiet, somewhat out of the way park in the centre of a cul-de-sac to lay down and listen to music at; however, a little kid leaned over me while I was layed out on my sleeping pad, and greeted me with the tinest hello, which was nice, but the parents likely question my being in the park (Below).

 A picture I took while laying down in park after lunch (Above)

When in these small towns, free accomodations can be had at the back of a school, community centre, church, or other designated area(s) (Below).  I don’t really like to spend money on a motel if I don’t have to, since they are quite pricey during the summer.  However, I do spend money at the coffee shop and bakery.

A nice secluded area at the school to write (Above)

Campsite behind school (Above)

One last comment about Terrace Bay that I forgot to mention: if the wind is blowing in the right direction, odours from the nearby pulp mill fill the air (Below).

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