Lake Superior in Pictures: Part 2

This section of the walk has allowed me to camp on the shores of Lake Superior, and in the small towns that dot the North Shore of Lake Superior — this is the compromise between road walking and hiking a peaceful trail.  I am begining to find that walking along the side of a busy highway is, well, difficult — the constant hum of traffic a few meters from wherever you are all day, every day tires me out; unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about it, since this is the only reasonable way for the time being, but I intend to change this from Thunder Bay to Manitoba.

After the long wait in Terrace Bay, I walked past Schreiber, ON, and into this little out building and gas station off the side of the road (below).  What stuck me about this building is the decor, specifically the records of a local musician: Cosimo Filane (Below).  Although it looks like a characteristic place to sit and have a coffee and something to eat, but I was told by Cosimo that there was no food available, except chocholate bars and water!  I took some pictures and quietly left, and left Cosimo to sit on his recliner infront of the T.V., and man the cash register for the the gas station.

Above: Inside the small, non-food diner.

Above: The Cosimo Filane record collection.

Above: The view from a bridge.

Above: Overlooking Lake Superior, which I never get tired of.

Above: The Rossport, ON region is my favorite portion of Lake Superior’s North Shore.

Above: Having a tea, and waiting for clothes to dry after washing them in the lake.  The 10% chance of precipitation occured a few hours later.

Above: Enjoying my instant Cappucino and homemade granola bar while my clothes dry.

Above: The brief enterance of storm clouds and rain.

Above: A picture out of tent door.

Above: A small spot of sand to place tent on.

From Gravel River to my final resting spot in Nipigon, ON was a big day: a ~ 48 km day of walking.  I wanted to reach Nipigon to get some more snacks at a local grocery store (trail mix and bbq peanuts).  I also had a craving for some fresh fruit and real food.  Dehydrated meals are fine for the required calories, but every so often I really want fresh fruit and real food.

Above: Remnants of a sliced up car, and the previous location of a gastation.

Above: A selfie of me walking.

Above: An abandoned building/outhouse nearby abandoned gas station?

Above: The scenery while I walk to Nipigon

Above: A portion of downtown Nipigon, ON.

Above: Camp location at Marina in Nipigon, ON.

Above: Cooking up dinner for the night.

I am excited to reach Thunder Bay, which is a little over 100 km from Nipigon, and this will be the last major city until Winnipeg, MB.

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