Why do I Walk?

There are many reasons why I walk.  In the beginning, My Walk was about rewriting ‘my story’ from a place where a life changing event occurred and the reverberations associated with this event.  The event was an assault and a resulting traumatic brain injury and coma, but as the days and months pass under foot, this journey has become so much more. For now, I want to get this out of my head and into a different form.  Many people I encounter ask me why I am doing this and I regurgitate some inane answer; however, my answer doesn’t do this walking odyssey any justice.  I walk for so many reasons.

1. I walk because I am tired of sitting still and watching the world spin.

2. I walk because running requires a support crew.

3. I walk because many people cannot walk.

4. I walk because walking far is a magical thing; small steps grow into such large distances.

5. I walk because My Walk is going to be an acheivement of lifetime, and my future self knows it will be.

6. I walk because the people I meet along the way make me want to walk forward.

7.  I walk because every step I take uncovers another lie that has been told to me or that I have told myself.

8.  I walk because in the future I might not be able to walk.

9.  I walk because I am a selfish person (I’m not).

10. I walk because there is an adventure to be had and a story to be told.

11. I walk because I am more thankful now.

12.  I walk because I learn about myself and the person I have become.

13.  I walk because I have made it this far and will go further.

14.  I walk because of the bends, twists, turns and hills.

15.  I walk because when it hurts I know that I am alive.

16.  I walk because of the great days.

17. I walk because the bad days always turn out to be great days.

18.  I walk because of the sharing I encounter almost daily.

19. I walk because there was a time I couldn’t walk very far.

20. I walk because I feel connected with the ground I walk upon and the people I encounter.

21.  I walk because doing this walk takes courage and grit that many do not have.

22.  I walk because Forest Gump ran!

23. I walk because of the landscapes, flora and fauna I get be close with.

24. I walk because everyone drives and cycles.

25. I walk because I am crazzzy.

26.  I walk because a virtual life is boring.

27.  I walk because looking down at your cellphone causes you to miss life.

28.  I walk because I have no excuses.

29.  I walk because when someone pumps a fist or gives me a thumbs up I smile.

30.  I walk because I am becoming my dream, while others lay in waiting at a desk.

31.  I walk to sit at a picnic table overlooking a beautiful lake.

32.  I walk for the rain, the thunder and the clear blue skies that follow.

2 thoughts on “Why do I Walk?

  1. You keep going. I know it’s hard and we do miss you. Nothing wrong with having a dream and going for it. I still think your a bit crazy however there Forest Gump. Glad your doing what I could never do. Xoxo

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