Running British Columbia

I have now joined J.C. and Michael of Course Pour Ta Vie to run across B.C., and will now live in an R.V. for a few weeks as we traverse across this beautiful province to the end in Vancouver.

Meeting up with J.C. and Michael was an exhausting exercise, which included a 20 hr journey from Calgary to Invermere.  The bus ride was nice enough, but the guy smoking in front of me during the bus ride, and the little sleep was my least favorite part of this journey, however, the 11 hr layover in Cranbook was a head scratcher.  During the layover I ended up in a McDonald’s for a few hours to redeem some free coffee cards I had from all the stickers I collected from all the coffee cups I found on the side of the road during my walk, but I was exhausted and needed to lay down for a few hours to sleep, but you can’t sleep properly in a McDonalds without being harassed, so off I went in search of a place to lay down at.  After an hour of walking along a road and pathway, I found a nice spruce forest stand to lay down in for a wonderful 2 hr recharge nap.

When I got up from my forest nap I wandered around for a little in town, ate some snacks I brought with me, then boarded a large Mercedes van with three other passengers to Invermere, finally!  To my surprise, J.C. and Michael were staying at somebody’s house in Invermere they knew from Quebec, but the best part was arriving just in time for a delicious vegan dinner Michael had crafted – Michael is such a great cook of healthy meals.  Thank you Julie and Bruno for hosting  us and the comfortable bed you setup for me on the floor — the foam pad on the floor was very comfortable.

IMG_2935Above. Julie, Bruno-Pierre (back), and Me, Michael, and J.C. posing .

After a great night of eating, catching up, and some hilarious singing, I quickly feel into a deep sleep to start my new task of running 20 km each day as part of team Cours Pour Ta Vie.  Let see if this walker can run!

So far, the first day of running started with the tread on one of the back tires of the R.V. coming off as we were travelling west on Highway 3 towards Cranbrook (title photo).  We ended up getting some help, but further repairs to the R.V. are needed in Cranbrook — ball joints, tie rods, and an alignment, so we wait in Cranbrook until the repair is done tomorrow afternoon.  Thankfully we were still able to get our kilometers after the tire was replaced.

My first day of running was a foolish 30 km day, but I am not going to do that again; I have 3 weeks of running ahead of me and cannot do many 30 km days if I want to be injury free.

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