From the Couch to 50 Kilometers in a Few Days

The beginning of my running with J.C. and Michael was rough on my body, specifically my right knee, but somehow the aches and pains have subsided.  The first two days of running was maybe a little excessive: more than 50 km of running in 2 days; however foolish this was, a rest day was scheduled on day 3 for us.  Regardless, I cannot express how thankful I am for that rest day, since a slow transition into a consistent running schedule takes time to adapt to, which I have little of.  As expected, when I asked J.C. and Michael how they felt on this rest day their reply was simple: they were fine, indeed, but they have been at this running gig since March 11th!

I think back to the last time I met up with J.C. and Michael outside of North Bay, ON, and the rest day I spent with them; we visited a plastics manufacturing business that J.C’s dad works for in Quebec, and we all swam in Lake Nipissing, ON on a warm summer afternoon.  Today’s rest day was much different: we slept in and squatted in a Starbucks inside the city of Cranbrook, BC; working on our cellphones and computers in a valley cradled by the Rocky Mountain’s of British Columbia.

The rest day allowed us to make a nice tasty vegan dinner, since we only eat vegan during the run.  Below is the final master piece: a Szechuan Tempeh (Soy instead) with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce that we adapted with odds in ends that were hanging around in the kitchen.

Above.  Michael in a food moment.

Instead of hanging out in the R.V, or sitting in Starbucks, we decided to try our hand at bowling.  During the three games we managed to throw some strikes, spares, and the hilarious all out misses.
Above.  J.C. and Michael
img_20170929_192241549-e1506982884945.jpgAbove.  Michael and the winning throw.



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