Getting Closer: Hope, British Columbia

Usually, I write my blog posts within the mono-culture of corporate sanctioned tables and chairs of the many McDonald’s or Tim Horton’s locations with free WiFi, electricity (sometimes), and a stable seat; however, today I write this blog post outside a Save-On-Foods on a bright green picnic table in Hope, B.C.  This location is prime, complete with an electrical outlet, free WiFi, and a welcoming picnic table with a view!

IMG_20171012_104318295[1].jpgAbove.  What a view from the picnic table in Hope, B.C.!

There is something magical about this particular spot, or maybe it is the volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) I am breathing in from the cigarette catcher beside this green picnic table?  Regardless, the early morning chill and rain I heard dancing atop of the R.V. this morning has passed, and that mild afternoon temperature has arrived.

While resting our legs in Osoyoos, Michael met a young lady who was painting by the window in a Tim Horton’s across from where we were parked for the day.  After a brief conversation, she joined us in the board game we were playing: Nintendo Monopoly.  The young lady’s name was Anna and she was from Mexico.  Anna was working in a nearby apple orchard as a picker to fund her upcoming two month journey in India.

After the board game was completed, we invited her to join us for dinner later at the R.V.  She agreed.  Somehow a conversation regarding a cheap place to shower began — it has been many days since we last showered — which peaked my interest, especially since it was only a dollar!  After a longer than expected walk to the showers at the R.V. park, we ate a dinner and convinced Anna to run with us for a couple of days after our rest day.

The run out of Osoyoos was uneventful and we made some good time, due to the addition of Anna, who ran a nice 8 km uphill section outside of Princeton, BC.  When we arrived in the small town of Princeton, BC., Anna hitched a ride back to Osoyoos to continue working.

IMG_20171008_180852806Above.  J.C., Anna (front), and Michael walking ahead of us after picking up some groceries in downtown Princeton.

After the rest day in Princeton, I thought it would be a good idea to put a marathon worth of kilometers behind me — a distance of 42.2 km.  The title picture is the starting line of my one man marathon.  I know taking on this sort of distance is not very responsible, especially since I have some more 20 km days ahead of me until Vancouver is reached, but a roll of the dice and everything is fine, sixes, not snake eyes.  My rationale for doing the marathon was because I believe my body is able to buffer against big kilometer days; I have been running  20 and 30 km distances 5 days a week and I have been walking distances of between 25 and 50 km this summer.


Above.  The finish line.  What an odd expression!

IMG_20171010_103014026Above.  A river during my run.

IMG_20171011_105052112Above.  Another picture of some watercourse from the R.V. while waiting for J.C. outside of Hope, B.C.

We can all smell Vancouver from here, and everyone is really, really, really anxious to reach the finish line, especially J.C. and Michael who have been at it since April, but we have to make sure that we time our arrival at just the right moment, since J.C’s parents and others are flying in on a scheduled date for the final 5 kilometers — the long awaited finish line in Stanley Park.   Good health, positive spirits, and fun times ahead!

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