A Thank You and Being Thankful

The title photograph was taken of a flower, which I forget the name of, given to me by Patricia during my stay with her and Dorian in Little Rapids, ON.  I placed the flower within the water holder of my cart for good luck and health.

This post is to address something I want to cultivate and grow in my life: saying thank you and being grateful.  I feel that the first year of my walk was a success, but only because of the help from others!  Next year will be even more exciting and as successful as this year.

The first set of people I would like to thank are my parents.  I know that my decision to do something very unconventional, inherently dangerous, and maybe a little crazy likely causes them worry, especially after the fairly recent completion of my arduous academic journey to complete my Master’s degree not long ago!  To say that I am lucky to have understanding parents is an understatement; the word to describe how they both quickly took to helping with the logistical coordination of the unplanned food drops, first-aid supplies, and putting their experience to use in helping with those few lost/broken items during my walk is not in my lexicon.  Most importantly, they provided me an ear to bend, advice, and all other things a parent must shoulder for their children.  Even during those frantic and impatient phone calls I made, they took in stride and just marked it down as another Matthew moment that will pass, which it always does!




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