Second Season and First Days

May 16, 17, 18

After months of not walking I continue to be steadfast in my resolve to continue this audacious goal and project of mine: a solo and unsupported walk from Barrie, ON to Anchorage, AK.

The off-season was a bumpy ride, but much was learned and I was able to obtain some in-kind product sponsorship from Roobar Canada, Mountain Laurel Designs, Bear Vault, ScatBelt, and Kodiak Wildlife Products. These companies were kind enough to send me some essential food and gear, which will surely be put to the test as I walk this spring, summer and fall.

The journey to start walking again from where I ended it in 2017 was hilarious, frustrating, and costly; however, it was mostly due to my misunderstanding and lack of oversight. I thought my starting location was in Winnipeg, but was actually in Dugald, MB — a small settlement east of Winnipeg. Unfortunately, for me, there is a 30 Burks Way in both Winnipeg and the adjacent settlement of Dugald — what a nice surprise and coincidence. The cabbie first drove me to the Winnipeg location, then to the true location in Dugald. After some discussions about the exorbitant cost of my fare ($125), it was reduced by a measly $10 to $115. Ouch.

Also, while travelling from Toronto to Winnipeg I lost my drivers license somewhere along the way. What wonderful beginnings to this second season.

But not to worry, the walk out of Winnipeg was all blue skies and warm temperatures; however, since yesterday evening I have been pinned down by the relentless prairie winds, pelting rain, and cool temperatures; I am now patiently waiting inside my tent until tomorrow morning.

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