An Afternoon At The Beach

My energy is low and the days have become a monotonous minagery of back road roaming, highway walking, and mud trekking, which I have come to both love and loath. What has changed? Nothing. Weakness creeps in from time to time; energy levels range from organized dertermination to the disorganized energy of discontent, though there seems to be more energy wasted and swirling around my head when I am unfocused and motivated; imagine if I could harness it for true purpose.

Walking along highway 26 in northern Saskatchewan towards the next food drop, St. Walberg, SK, was going well until I saw the map revealing my passing of the little village of Meota, SK, located on the SW shore of Jackfish Lake. There is nothing special about this lake, except that it was a freshwater lake and it was close at hand while I was walking on the wide shoulder of Highway 26.

There are countless times during this walk where I would forge ahead on the side of the road with my objective in sight, no fun Matt wins allot of the time; however, I have yet to swim or relax by the water this year — the walking route just hasn’t been ripe with beaches like last year, which I never really took full advantage of. I must remember that fun is the first priority this year; a cool dip in the lake and some different scenery might restore the energy and bounce in my step that need.

It did. I ate a big lunch by adding some canned luncheon meat to one of my dehydrated coconut curry meals — one of the last items of food given to me by a kind farmer I met on the side of the road near Whitkow, SK a day ago (it was filling and surprisingly good); washed my hair with some special shampoo (relief and treatment of my itchy scalp); swam a couple hundred meters (cooled down and exercised a different set of muscles); drank some tomato juice (another item from the bag of food given to me by that farmer); downed a coffee (reinvigored my senses); washed and dried my clothes in the lake (clean and dry clothing is such a luxury); sat on a picnic table on the beach and wrote something (wrestled with that writing blockade of mine in a comfortable spot).

Today was so serene, today provided everything I wanted and needed. It is such a shame these good times cannot be banked away and used in lieu of those days when I either don’t like the day, the weather, the path, or the situation at hand.

3 thoughts on “An Afternoon At The Beach

  1. Hey Matt. Great post. Ah but they are banked away. Always available for retrieval upon command. That is the true beauty of the moments you build. Their everlasting nature. Even if it is in your own mind. The reality is, it is all only in our own minds. ❤️

  2. Hello Matt
    I’m the Karen Kay who invited you to breakfast in the little town of Elk Point. I quite enjoyed our talk and hope to see you again someday, I will follow you on the blog and check out twitter. Good journey young man, it was a pleasure meeting you.

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