Blog Post Scarcity

I am finding it very difficult to walk, write and relax this year for some reason. I’m still walking, still engaged, and still experiencing so much, but posting half baked ideas and observations I have been writing down each week just seems silly and repetitive now. There is plenty of material in the hopper, but it is so rough I imagine it will make me look like that sterotypical early mid-life crisis whack job I do not want to be viewed as — or is it too late?

Moreover, cellular and data reception, and WiFi availability is lacking as I move into the more northern regions of the provinces now.

What am I saying? Well, I am at a writing blockade, but no fear, it shall pass and I have a rest day lined where I hope to not fritter the hours of the day relaxing and talking to people during my day off from walking. It is especially important, since I will stroll into Alberta a few days after my rest day.

I am actually on a dirt road just about to enter Prince, SK. The skies have cleared and it’s getting hot again.

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