Lost In Amazonia

This is a fictitious story– for now, but maybe one day it will be true; my sense of direction is notoriously bad, so you never know.

Would never of thought I would be able to undertake a solo and unsupported walk from Barrie, ON to Anchorage, AK, however, on June 1st, 2019 I will begin the final leg of My Walk from Ft. St. John, B.C. to Anchorage, AK. Imagine that.

There is a story behind the story (as the saying goes), and I would like to build on this one in the future.

Pictured above is a simple scene and an attached trigger phrase: This is it! You are finally here, after all these months of anticipation!

Lost in Amazonia

With the death of his partner and loss of his navigation equipment, Morley was left grief stricken and lost aside the noisy green abyss of Amazonia. The daily struggle and anxiety that engulfed Morley for four months was now ending as he walked onto the claustrophobic streets of Los Pal, Brazil.

For months, Morley sat across from the ghostly faces of death. The nibbling botflies and their larvae moved under his skin at night; jaguars screams slowly chipped away at his psyche; the poison-barbed flora had left him lame; but, the daily swims among caiman during his river crossings, well, that broke him. The long days of being alone in the wilds had forever marred his spirit but he survived and was now back in civilization.

In a listless pose, Morley paused on the sidewalk as two women walked towards him: one carrying a bright yellow bag while her friend excitedly talked to her. A moment later, Morley looked upon them in a quizzical gaze before his bony legs wiggled him to the pavement. “Ayuda,” yelled the women with the yellow bag, then, in a startled response, a lone man standing quietly on the sidewalk outside of a bar quickly turned towards Morley as he crumpled to the ground. The group of men across the street from the bar quickly paused their heated discussion and calmly turned to see what was going on, while the three men lining the sidewalk in various positions of repose rose to their feet and stretched their necks to see what all the fuss was about.

Gripping the pavement with his fingertips, Morley silently quipped to himself, “I’m alive”, then gazed into a tiny sliver of blue sky between the off-white stucco and limestone buildings with a dirty lipped, shivering grin.

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