Arabian Sands Dinner

Photo by Greg Gulik.

We entered the tent and swept our hands across the ribbons of smoke as our diminutive waiter calmly motioned us forward with his leather booklet in hand.  And into the unknown we plunged.  His delicate dance between the rows of people was masterfully performed, for how could he see further than a step across this smoke-filled room, we, however, moved about with less grace and art; a hop, skip, jump and clumsy weave between the rows of people seated on primary coloured cushions atop a velvety red carpet.  It was a captivating scene: everyone lounging about in the most luxurious of manners, each encircling a hookah and table sized plates of food. This was an adventure to dine.

At each stride and wave of our hand across the billows of smoke, a new and ever more enchanting scene passed before our eyes.  Although the smoke confined our views, it only fueled our imagination and want to creep forward.  What awaited us beyond the smoke was a mystery?

With the smoke subsiding, there, in the distance, was our dining spot: a beautiful oasis lined with silken pillows and plates of food.

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