Books For A Walk

There is one aspect of walking alone for a few months that I enjoy the most: no distractions and little to do in the evening, except journal writing and reading.  Unfortunately, I cannot read those 700 page hardcover masterpieces, however, there are plenty of 200-300 page soft cover books that fit nicely into my pack (cart). This year, instead of googling-it, I would like to ask anyone who stumbles along my blog to suggest a book or two they would put in their pack if they went on a hike or really long walk.  The book suggestions do not have to about walking, it’s just a coincidence that I listed 4 books about walking.

So far, I have the following the book list started (Last Name, First Name.  Title):

  1. Kerouac, Jack.  The Dharma Bums.
  2. Hall, Meredith.  Without a map.
  3. Muir, John.  A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf.
  4. Fletcher, Colin.  The Man Who Walker Through Time.
  5. Young Men and Fire.  Norman Maclean.
  6. Vaillant, John.  The Golden Spruce.



3 thoughts on “Books For A Walk

  1. 💡🐝👣🇨🇦 I would add a Kobo to my pack, most libraries use their format to download free Ebooks. I read Ebooks on my mobile now, but when away from charging availability an E-reader is more efficient. Even with a Nomad solar power unit, it is difficult to keep my mobile charged Matthew.

  2. 👣💡🇨🇦 Hhmmmm,your book list is only available at Amazon, thus a Kindle E-reader is necessary to download these titles.
    I only checked two titles for Kerouac and Muir. I will check for other titles later.

  3. 🐝💡👣🇨🇦 Addendum: You don’t need an Amazon kindle to read these kindle ebooks as there are Apps available for Android, and IOS as well as for windows PCs. However you will need a free Amazon account to purchase and download the books. … You will need an Internet connection to download the book, but you can read the book when offline.Oct 15, 2017

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