About Me

Name: Matthew Meadows

A thirty-something “environmental professional” hewn from the ancient sedimentary and exposed Precambrian igneous rocks of Southern Ontario.  My love of the natural world began as a child playing on the muddy banks of the Holland River; hiking within the sugar maple stands of Ontario; and sailing across the wind swept lakes of Ontario, Canada.

Gradually, the halls of knowledge called me eastward, where I spent many years studying and working on some original research regarding soil and long-term forest health; by dint I graduated with two parchments, some knowledge, and more unanswered questions. So, with cap in hand, I packed my suitcases and headed towards the Taiga, Rocky Mountains, Prairies, and Wetlands of Alberta, British Columbia, and Northwest Territories.

After years of paying off debt and playing outside, my dream of a walking odyssey is now able to be realized. No more dreaming. No more excuses.

Lets have some fun.