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  1. I remember having this conversation about your dream to walk 10-12 years ago when we were doing some GIS assignments. I am glad you are living your dream and good luck with your new adventure! Watch out for the bears…have some apples ready 🙂



  2. Hey, Matthew:
    > Met you in Sudbury, the guy with the Walking Cart. The TCT is mostly Bush, from now on, with a few cities to traverse.
    > the next centre for supplies is Espanola, safe journey:
    > Brian McLaughlin


      1. Oh, the water is clean, in the Vermillion R., North of the TCT(Regional Rd. # 55), also in the many small lakes that drain into the North Channel and Spanish River. You should be alright for water now, until you reach friggin’ Alaska.
        *Peace, Love and Harmony,
        >> Brian McLaughlin


  3. +++Tah for the kind words about SudsBerry, Matthew. The name of the cafe was: Old Rock Roastery, the people that served you were probably: Colleen Carroll and Carol Roy..


  4. Hey Matthew,

    We chatted at Old Woman Bay. Just wanted to stop in and say I am following your journey! Thanks for the great conversation! Loving the blog and pics! Very inspirational. Hope you have had no other problems with bears lol!


    Corey Moylan


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